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You and I, we’re the future!

We’re yourfeed. Our movement allows you to flaunt your superb skills and priceless personality to relevant opportunities that you’ll find your passions in!

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Our movement includes Fans, Brands, Partners and Sidekicks. Unsurprisingly, yourfeed can’t change the world without all of you!


You’re a “user”. Showcase you and let your voice be heard.


You’re a “company”. Keep an eye-out, talent is everywhere.


You’re the Brand striving to better #GenerationNow alongside us.


You’re a “recruiter/agency”. You assist in matching Fans to Brands.

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Here’s where you kick-off your yourfeed journey by joining the movement and exploring what opportunities are out there!


More connections, more opportunities

Let your connections know why you’re a Fan of them and their feed! For example; “I need some guidance”.

Matching you based on your skills

Let your skills swing open doors full of opportunities. We match you based on your skill relevance to the opportunity.

Badges to showcase your personality

Everyone has their own ‘cheeky chappy’ side to them! Showcase your prodigious personality to Fans and Brands.

Precise stats & facts on everything you

Check out how well your showcasing is developing to make sure you’re enhancing your personal brand.

I believe that ambition & skill is the new degree for our youth.

Jack Parsons CEO of yourfeed

Jack Parsons, I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the wonders of the yourfeed CEO by now! Keep an eye on Jack’s daily movements

The digital platform that young people have been waiting for

Paul Frampton Group CEO, Havas Media Group

Paul is one of our accomplished Non-Exec with superpowers of an early adopter in the digital world and a passion for digital, technology and startups

An inspiring initiative, with brave & exciting plans for the future

Stephen Robertson CEO of Big Issue Foundation

Stephen is delighted to be working with yourfeed. Together, we believe passionately in the value of work, the need to create opportunity and to overcome poverty.

A platform that is a game changer in the way businesses spot and recruit talent

Simon Blake OBE CEO National Union of Students

As one of our advisory partners, we are working towards a future of collaborating on further education and school leavers.

yourfeed is committed to supporting young people into employment

Ruth Gilbert CEO of Career Colleges Trust

Ruth’s expertise in holding a room like gravity holds the earth is great for us as she is so dynamic, organised and sophisticated. Wonder Woman they say!

The Pledge

We’re on a mission to connect 2 million young people to opportunities by 2020! It’s not quite a 007 mission, but every ounce of effort will be put into upskilling, networking and providing opportunities for #GenerationNow.

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All aboard! We have a place for you to get involved with The Pledge as we cruise across London. You could be our next stop!

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Now you’re on board, buckle up because we’re gonna create some crazily positive bumps in the road! First stop, London.


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